Are you looking for a tooling company that can provide quality products that exceed industry standards?

Sabre offers over 25+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

We have the knowledge, staff, and technology to produce all forms of tooling. From complete design to detail machining, manufacturing of assemblies, components, dies, fabrications, etc… Our capabilities range vastly.

Proudly servicing industries that include but are not limited too automotive, aerospace, agricultural, defense (CADSI member), pulp & paper, heavy construction, mining, marine, sport & recreational, and the oil & gas industry.

Our Contract Manufacturing Services are as diversified as the industries we serve. 

Our leading edge approach is with the use of the latest technologies, and innovations.

We pride ourselves in taking the extra measures necessary to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with the level of craftsmanship, and service received from our sales, administration, engineering, and operations departments.