What We Do

Our facility boasts a diverse production line with knowledgeable personnel at each level. Whether your enterprise requires full three-dimensional CAD/CAM design, stamping dies, molds, fixtures, or custom fabrications, we have the capabilities to cover all your needs.

Two & Three Dimensional
Detail, Production & CNC Machining:

Die Shoes
Base Plates
Small & Large Fabrications
Gear Boxes
End of Arm Tooling

Full 3D Design
Progression Dies
Transfer Dies
Blank Dies
Draw Dies
Trim Dies
Trog Dies

Plastic Injection Molds
Aluminum Die-cast Injection Molds
Zinc Die-cast Injection Molds


CAD/CAM Design:

Cimatron offers 3D solid design and strip layout construction.
Dynaform offers the latest technology in blank creation,  tooling simulation, Thinning analysis, spring back and trim line development.
Mastercam X uses the latest technology, integrating solids and Pro-Drill, Mastercam’s through put from setup to finished product greatly reduces lead times.

PC-Dmis version 2019R2

C.N.C. Machining:
H32T Takumi (X-126″ Y-88″ Z-34″)
AWEA BM-1600 Vertical Machining Centre (X-63.1″ Y-31.5″ Z-31.69″)
Takumi Seiki V22A (X-86.5″ Y-42″ Z-29.7″)
Quasar MV184C HS
AWEA SP3016 Bridge style CNC

C.M.M. Machine:
Brown & Sharpe Xcel 9-15-9 (X-59″ Y-35.4″ Z-33.5″)

Saws and Grinding Machines:
Various Surface Grinders and Band Saws
Blanchard grinder #18

Wire Cut Machine:
Charmilles Robofil 510 Wire Cut

4PT 400 Ton Danly: 72″ x 112″ Bed with 40″ windows

Various Radial Drills, Mills, and Lathes
Other Equipment:

2 Overhead Crane’s (up to 10 ton Capacity)
Print Board: Electronic blueprint reading, creating a paperless Shop Floor environment.
FCS work holding system.
3D printing capability, Plastic only as of now.